book review on cirque du freak:sons of destiny

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i like this book because of it’s use of violence and weapons,the features of each character that darren shan use is unique in different ways and leaves confusing endings not an happy ending,but kind of an sad ending.


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scylla was a she-monster who ate travelling passengers with her six or eight tentacle arms, which she is the sister of chardbyis,the monster whirlpool,she live in a misty den and she was also once aa human,odyessus had face her,one time and other heroes too,no one can go around scylla,because there was violent storms to destroy any ship,but there was another path,but not by sea,by foot called the clashing rocks,but i wouldn’t consider taking that path, because it was fulled with most strongest uglisest monsters ever.                                                  


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satyr were actullay half man,half horse,who do not eat meat, they worship a greek god named pan.and therewere some satyr     who taught great heroes,like chiron,he taught jason,hercules and other heroes during there aadventure, and when a satyr dies,they really don’t die they get reincarnitated into an inamite object,like a flower or something else that doesn’t move

Hermes,god of thievery and commotion

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hermes was the god of thievery,commotion and was also a messenger of the gods which he sent messages to mortals,His two items that he carried was a helmet with wings and sandals with wings that make him fly and turn invisble, he also help odyessus before the battle of circe,and calypso’s island.he also help many heros and gods.                                                                                                         


funky snowman

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Funky Snowman loves to dance

You’d think he wouldn’t have much chance

Without two legs or even pants

Does that stop the funky snowman?


Turn up the music with the disco beat

When you’re in the groove, you don’t need feet

Crowds come out and fill the street

Kick it, Funky Snowman!

zeus,god of lighting

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zeus was really the master of all gods and son of cronus, he was saved by his mother thalia to tricked his dad: cronus by wrapping a rock annd when zeus was fully grown he freed his brothers and sisters then started a war against the titans except for promethus.they won and three brothers split up three straws to gain one portion of the world. zeus got the sky,hades got the underworld and the dead,poiseidon got the sea. some gods hated zeus for what he did sometimes,but still he was still the boss of everybody and also had the master bolt(aka:all world destructive nuclear bomb) that was created by his forger god, hepheatus

i literally think this about everyone

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i think that everybody should deserve a second chance in their life once in awhile. no matter how different and sometimes weird or rude because, really inside their own bodys they have heart that still inocennt but still inoncent at bay, i feel  sad because i guess when come in into a new place,people judge you by your looks,face clothing and what you have, but what they don’t know is what is trully inside them,they try act who they really want to be, but there some pain and blocks and discrimination that surrounds them and their path to they trully want to be in their, it’s hard world out there,but someone has to fix it, but, question is:when will that ever come?ask yourselves that and see what happens

loki,the god of jokes(heheh)

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loki was the god of jokes and tricks that he played,he was considered an enemy of the gods in aesir,but a heroe to others.loki to other people is considered a major deities to other people he was born from a giantess called lauffey.he was considered a enemy to the gods becuased he killed baulder(god of light and to unleash the fenrir wolf(basically his son)but the fenrir wolf was tie down by the gods for the destruction it caused to other villages and was also stronger and evil like his father:loki 

Hello world!

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